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James Edwards

James's journey within the company began with foundational tasks. From managing materials and ensuring pristine workspaces to getting fittings perfectly aligned, sometimes even for seasoned experts like Arthur (He still remembers working at RWE). His rise to the directorial helm came not just from individual drive but also from a genuine spirit of collaboration, always valuing the input of every member of his team.

His proficiency in Fire Safety and Gas Safety is bolstered by a critical blend of technical knowledge and common sense – a trait he sometimes jests today is in dwindling supply. But at the core of his leadership ethos lies the belief in hard work, seizing every opportunity, embracing a touch of good luck, and most importantly, fostering an environment where every team member feels heard and valued.

Away from the boardroom, James finds joy in a fine glass of red wine, a passion for sports, his four children, and his wife, Rachel. Depending on his mood and the day's events, the order of these affections might shuffle playfully.

While James's formal training in Water, Gas, Fire Alarms, and various other construction domains makes him adept at understanding the industry's intricacies, he always emphasizes the importance of collective wisdom. He believes in entrusting tasks to skilled professionals within the team, relying on the collective expertise as the company's real strength.

For James, the value of clients is paramount, as is upholding old-fashioned values. When faced with challenging decisions, he'll often muse, "What would Dad have done?" But invariably, before taking any decisive action, he finds it prudent to double-check with Rachel first. This not only showcases his humility but also highlights the integral role of collaboration in his approach – be it with Rachel or with his dedicated employees.

Business Administration Manager

Rachel Edwards

Rachel boasts an impressive educational background, having attended a prestigious Grammar School and later furthering her studies at the University of Bath and Rotterdam. Her academic pursuits culminated in her becoming chartered, showcasing her commitment to professional excellence. This drive permeates every facet of her career. With extensive experience under her belt, notably from her years with a FTSE 250 company, Rachel has transitioned to a role where she not only oversees all business operations but also lends her expertise to aid other businesses in their endeavours.

Outside the realm of business, Rachel's passion spills onto the tennis court. Her prowess is evident, with numerous local titles to her name. But she's not just about competition; Rachel revels in the joys of family life, donning the role of the dedicated 'Uber driver', chauffeuring her four children every evening.

Beyond tennis and her family commitments, Rachel knows how to balance work with play, never missing a good Friday night party. Her dedication to fitness is commendable; not only is she a Peloton enthusiast, but she's also an avid runner, having completed the esteemed London Marathon in 2022.

Senior Project Manager

Joe Dixon

Joe's illustrious journey with James began twenty years ago at RWE. Their collaboration has been marked by dedication, growth, and a few memorable misadventures. While they briefly charted separate paths, destiny reunited them in 2010 with the establishment of J T Edwards. In those initial days, their resourcefulness was evident as they adeptly managed a diverse range of projects right from their vans, ensuring the highest standards were maintained, whether in painting or in intricate mechanical tasks.

Today, Joe's role has evolved to be the linchpin of the JTE team. Overseeing all sites and projects, his unparalleled expertise and meticulous attention to detail are second to none. From assisting scaffolders to spearheading the commissioning of Building Management Systems, Joe's capabilities span the breadth of the industry.

While Joe and James have a synergy that drives the company's success, they don't always share the same viewpoint. Joe often jokes that James's idea of "thinking outside the box" sometimes means he's misplaced the box entirely. But, with Joe's seasoned professionalism, he knows when to step in and guide the ship.

Beyond the confines of work, Joe is an ardent supporter of West Ham.

Qualified Supervisor

Clinton Abbott

Clinton is the qualified supervisor for commercial gas safety and directly responsible for all JTE gas safe engineers. Clinton has been with JTE for 6 years and holds domestic gas qualifications, commercial heaters as well as pipework in excess of 1m3. Clinton looks after a number of projects on site ensuring gas safety standards, correct installations and commissioning of the appliances as well as inspecting the work of other engineers.

In conjunction with this he supports Joe with technical reports and preparing quotations and submissions to key client accounts. Clinton also performs key water supply works for Thames Water as well as looking after the control of Legionella on a number of sites.

Site Manager - Renewable and Mechanical

Rickie Hayles

Rickie began his tenure working alongside Joe on small-scale projects for schools throughout London. His professional development saw him advancing from a domestic gas engineer to specializing in commercial heating and catering. Presently, Rickie manages some of the firm's most significant capital projects, emphasizing renewable technologies such as air source heat pumps.

Dedication and meticulous attention to detail are hallmarks of Rickie's work ethic. Aside from his professional endeavors, Rickie maintains robust physical fitness and has showcased his football skills at an advanced level, notably achieving the FA Vase at Wembley Stadium in 2020.

In the company, Rickie is recognized for his methodical approach to tasks and his ability to establish and maintain productive relationships with clients and end users.

Senior Pipe Fitter and Head of Welding Team

Arthur Brown

Arthur's association with the firm and its members has roots that run deep. Having known James for over a quarter of a century, his influence extends beyond professional ties – he even played matchmaker by introducing Joe to his future wife.

A commanding presence, Arthur stands out not only for his vast expertise in large pipework installations and commercial boiler renewals but also for his unyielding spirit. His voice, whether one seeks it or not, continues to echo in the corridors, offering guidance, knowledge, or simply a hearty laugh. His vast experience in the construction industry has not only endowed him with invaluable knowledge but has also made him a stalwart figure in a rapidly changing world.

A devoted Tottenham Hotspur fan, Arthur’s dedication to his craft is only paralleled by his love for the game. In an era of fleeting loyalties and transient expertise, Arthur is a testament to perseverance and old-school grit. Often described as a "man's man," he truly is the last of a generation. They don't make them like Arthur anymore.

Senior Gas Engineer

Agim Berisha "Vinny"

Vinny's professional prowess is as extensive as it is diverse. As a Senior Gas Engineer, he boasts a multitude of qualifications, making him an indispensable asset to our team. Beyond his specialty in gas, Vinny is also a proficient plasterer and multi-skilled operative.

Originating from Albania, Vinny's journey has been nothing short of eclectic. He's honed his craft as a tiler in Italy and further expanded his skills across Europe. Despite initially joining our team to assist James with a day-long project in 2011, Vinny's commitment and rapport have seen him remain with us for over a decade.

At the heart of our team, Vinny is cherished not only for his unwavering dedication but also for his infectious spirit. The Christmas parties are invariably enlivened by his presence, and he is the embodiment of the principle "work hard, play hard."

In his relentless pursuit of professional growth, Vinny is currently working towards expanding his commercial gas qualifications. Outside of work, he's a devoted father to three children, whom he dedicates his weekends to.

Senior Tradesman

Nigel Magee

With a rich heritage in construction, Nigel Magee stands as a testament to versatile craftsmanship. His experience spans across various roles, from operating his own business to working with some of the leading names in the construction industry. Nigel possesses the adaptability to tackle any facet of a job.

His resilience and prowess are unyielding, evident from his capability to deliver impeccable results in challenging circumstances. Whether it's adhering to tight deadlines or navigating intricate projects, questioning Nigel's commitment or expertise would be a folly.

When he's not wielding his tools or cheering for his favorite team, Nigel enjoys spending quality time with his family in Brentwood, who provide the perfect weekend retreat for him.

Small Works Manager

Rob Gypps

Rob serves as the Small Works Manager at J T Edwards and brings a versatile skill set to the table. Often described as a "jack of all trades and master of some," he effectively manages numerous small works projects. His expertise extends from conducting surveys and crafting quotations to introducing technical enhancements to the scope of works. Rob not only organizes the small works team but also liaises with specialist subcontractors, ensuring the highest quality of work is maintained.

Standing tall at 6ft 6 inches, Rob is an unmistakable presence on our sites. His commitment to quality management is evident in every project he undertakes. His long-standing relationship with James dates to their teenage years, proving his loyalty and deep-rooted connection with the JTE family. With over 8 years of dedicated service, Rob has become an integral part of our operations, truly embodying a vital cog in the machinery of J T Edwards.

In a delightful twist in 2020, Rob introduced us to the next generation: his son, Oliver. Oliver joined JTE as a part-time employee while pursuing his electrical qualifications at college. With his father's guidance, Oliver brings a fresh spark to the team, quite literally and figuratively! The father-son duo adds a touch of camaraderie and fun to our everyday workings.

Office Operations Manager

Laura Aston

Laura serves as the Office Operations Manager at J T Edwards, situated at our head office in Hutton. As the primary client contact, she guides them seamlessly from their first inquiry to the final completion of their requirements. Laura's responsibilities span across crucial areas of administration, making her an indispensable part of our team.

With the task of scheduling our senior team, handling marketing endeavors, and coordinating with clients, Laura is the linchpin in our communication channels, especially for key accounts. Furthermore, she has a pivotal role in digital marketing, showcasing her versatility and comprehensive skill set.

Outside of her professional commitments, Laura is a dedicated mother to two teenage sons. She is happily preparing for her upcoming wedding next year. A connoisseur of fine wine, Laura never misses an opportunity to celebrate and enjoys a lively party whenever her schedule permits. Her diligence at work and zest for life make her an invaluable asset to J T Edwards.