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JT Edwards Ltd was formed over 10 years ago and is dedicated to delivering quality building solutions to the Education Sector, together with significant experience in Hospital NHS Trusts Maintenance and Refurbishment.

At the heart of our business lies our expertise within educational settings.  We believe in the power of an honest and collaborative mindset, focussing on the end user and stakeholders.  We work with a variety of Trusts and Academy’s and in 2021/22 we delivered 13 large scale projects with three of our partners being SENCO providers.  The welfare of the children and the safety provision within the school is of paramount importance and we ensure that our team are always visible in branded clothing and vehicles and all carry enhanced DBS certification.

In 2022/23 our focus will continue to be Decarbonisation; designing enery efficient solutions for heating and lighting and learning from the increasing renewal and hybrid solutions that can be integrated into educational settings.  Every business, ranging from schools to hospitals to multi-million pound corporations need an energy strategy as part of their business strategy.  Often, energy costs are considered to be just a cost to be managed but this is potentially a strategic mistake that overlooks enormous opportunities to create new value.  Saving energy saves money.  Simply knowing how to manage heating or lighting controls can slash energy wastage, save money and reduce emissions.  With this in mind, JT Edwards are committed to ensuring that our end users are advised on simple building management techniques to help save energy and increase effectiveness.

One of the best ways to decarbonise can be summed up as “consume less, consume better”.  Energy efficiency is an essential lever on the path to carbon neutrality and this is where out knowledge comes to the fore.  We have been heavily involved in carrying out pipework insulation, installing new heating and hot water controls, new pumps, water saving devices and sensory taps to name but a few.  We are keen to build relationships, share knowledge and ultimately deliver the best energy solution possible.  Where schools are signed up to a zero-emission policy, we can assist the plan to accelerate away from expensive to run infrastructure towards natural gas high efficiency boilers.

JT Edwards is embracing the future:working closely with schools, consultants and contractors, we are committed to reducing dependency on any one fuel.  Advantages of renewables are clear and the good news is that they can provide quick payback and income generation.  Challenges abound but with a school’s determination to be more efficient than ever, JT Edwards’ knowledge and pragmatic approach ensure we deliver the best possible solution.  

Please contact our operational team if we can be of assistance to you.

James Edwards



Hospital NHS Trusts Maintenance & Refurbishment

We are committed to delivering all hospital maintenance to the highest of standards and with minimal disruption to patients and health care professionals.

Educational Establishment Maintenance and Refurbishment

We work with over 100 schools across the UK offering them a proactive, planned and preventative maintenance service to ensure long asset life cycles and best value for money.

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